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Having observed the difficulties entreprenuers go through in getting investors, as well as the difficulties investors go through to find credible ventures to invest in, EquityHub exists to bridge this gap.


Our team of experts receives business ideas from entrepreneurs and evaluates them


We provide world class business education to get you prepared for the challenges.


Entrepreneurs receive one-on-one guidiance from experienced professionals for a period of time .

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When you sign up as an Entrepreneur, you’d be able to submit your business idea for evaluation. As soon as your idea is evaluated, our experts will start working with you on the business planning and education….

  • Submit Your Business Idea
  • Submit Your Business Plan
  • Receive Business Education
  • Get Sponsorship

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When you sign up as an Investor, you’d be able to browse through approved business ideas and decide on which business to sponsor. Then you can monitor each progress made by the business until profit is made…

  • View Approved Businesses
  • Sponsor A Business
  • Monitor Performance
  • Share In The Profits

What We've Done

EquityHub has helped a number of startups achieve their dream by providing them with the right mentorship and connecting them with Investors.

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Making Tough Business Decisions

Executives many times have to make tough decisions to keep the business on track. Its just the way the job is. But the toughest of decisions comes in the gray areas. These are cases where you and your team mine all the data you can, and do all the analysis you can yet the situation seems inconclusive. Under such circumstances its easy to become paralyzed and seek any available route. But it is your responsibility as a leader to judge the situation fairly and take the right decision.

: Why 90% Of Strategies Fail And What You Can Do About It.

How To Make Your Strategy Work

Marketing forklore has it that years ago a new manager took over Parker Pens. His first action was to assemble the management board and ask them a very simple question: who is our major competitor?